Episode 24: Tobin from the bandbox Flatfoot 56 is About to Break

This week I am joined by Tobin Bawinkel of the band Flatfoot 56. It’s always amazing when you respect someone for their creativity, then meet them and find that their character is just as amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed this conversation.

In this conversation Tobin and I discuss:
* Our buddy Shaun
* Wrestling has changed since we were kids
* Road life verses shows in town
* Playing in bars before your old enough to get in
* Growing up with bluegrass
* The Funhouse venue in Seattle
* Changes in the music scene
* The pressure of social media
* Working multiple full time jobs
* Self production verses label production
* Doing right by your audience
* Touring Japan with Flogging Molly
* Pre show rituals
* Country to Celtic Punk
* Learning to play in church
* Weird folk songs
* Snakes have no hips
* Music is a historian
* Ty Cobb was a baseball warrior
* Heroes and their hidden weakness
* Keeping it about the art
* Car trouble on the road
* Tobin talks about his faith and the struggle to be authentic
* Loving Jesus and dealing with weird Christians
* You can’t feed your kids on passion
* Art over money
* Supportive parents make a difference
* Jesus would hate Christian music
* Creativity comes from purpose
* Finding hope in this nonsense
... and going back to the day job!


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