Episode 28: Scott Tokar is About to Break over Trade Show Magic, Digital Photography snd creating Bob Schmecktton?

This week I am joined by the mesmerizing Scott Tokar, founder of Corporatefx.com and master of trade show magic. If you are an artist of any kind, Scott shares such great wisdom and tip for success in your work. Magicians… start taking notes.

In this conversation Scott and I talk about:
* Encouraging ways to get out of bed
* Realizing you are a “look at me”
* Joining the boy’s chorus
* Auditioning at the Magic Castle
* Marketing techniques from a 13 year old
* Scott credits his career to the Magic Castle
* Faking it till you make it
* Gathering and keeping a crowd
* Learning from failure
* Finding your focus
* Becoming the best at one thing
* Solve problems people care about
* Understanding everything about your industry
* Adapting to your performance environment
* The venue does matter
* Losing the freedom of expression
* Leica cameras and Ferrari s
* The importance of your reputation
* Good performers are not competition, bad ones are.
* How to look at the pie
* Never talk down another performer
* Who is Bob Schmecktton?
* Professional Members of the Magic Castle
* Aisle view vs. Theater style shows
* What good are magic awards
* Presenting large illusions
* If it’s just about the money, go become a lawyer
* Dealing with discouragement as a performer
... and making sure that family comes first

Check out to Scott’s magic and photography at Scotttokar.com on twitter and instagram @scotttokar

also check out his company corporatefx at corporatefx.com



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