Episode 26: Eric Buss is About to Break over internet trolls, finding confidence and building his own show.

This week I am joined by my friend Eric Buss, a highly original entertainer who is known for his inventive comedy and magic. Eric has been featured on Americas Got Talent, Letterman and has gone viral on YouTube. I sat down with him to discuss the highs and lows of life in the entertainment business.

In this conversation Eric and I talk about:

* Stepping on Legos

* Becoming a parent

* Kids don’t understand timing

* Comedy magicians

* Categories are necessary

* What happened to originality?

* Hating movies about magic

* Professional show and tell

* Creating through contrast

* Going viral

* Letterman, Americas Got Talent, and YouTube

* Bubble wrap appreciation day

* Kids & Cats

* The internet… friend or foe?

* You never forget your first Troll

* Is magic on the rise?

* Knowing who your audience is

* Pursuing new venues for performance

* Out of control environments

* Improvising saves lives

* Everyone has a podcast, nobody has listened to one

* The Magic Castle

* Cali or Bust

* Magic clubs are the best

* Working with animals

* Losing sleep to work on your act

* Finding mentors in your field

* Cover bands verses Creators

* The myth of pack small play big

* Adding production value

* Combining magic and music

* We all want to be rock stars

... and struggling to suspend disbelief in movies

Reach out to Eric at ericbuss.com

Be sure to check out some of his routines on YouTube

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